BR Chin Pad Pressurelizer

BR Chin Pad Pressurelizer

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Chin pad made of three-dimensionally woven polyester fiber. This innovative and lightweight material is used in the field of aerospace engineering as well. Its unique fiber structure allows for a very even pressure distribution, which reduces the risk of pressure on the horse’s chin. The flexible lining made of knitted polyester effortlessly follows the movements of the fiber structure. The chin pad provides a perfect pressure distribution, excellent shock-absorption and optimal ventilation. Can easily be attached to the chin strap by means of elastic straps. Dimensions: 20 x 5 cm (l x w). Machine washable at 30°C.

Unique structure of 3D woven polyester fiber

Flexible lining made of knitted polyester


Provides optimal pressure distribution


Provides optimal ventilation

Elastic straps

20 x 5 cm (l x w)

Color: Black