SD Design Cool- TECH Brushing Boots~  Violet

SD Design Cool- TECH Brushing Boots~ Violet

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SD dressage boots with excellent ventilation
This COOL-TECH boot is specially made to prevent overheating and protection of joints and tendons. The ventilation allows heat build up to escape and cold air to pass through. We have chosen Comfort Dry Lining which gives a maximum soft comfort. As always, we have added a touch of glitter to the technical fabrics which you see on almost every SD product. Beautiful Glitter bindings full fill the coolness of this fantastic boot! For extra protection, the boot is made of a shockproof material and covered by microfiber leather.

Your boot can be machine washed at 30 degrees and we recommend washing inside a wash bag.

Comes in a pack with 4 pcs. 2 pcs for front legs and 2 pcs; a bit longer; for hind legs.

Color: Violet